Zurn ZC125 Roof Drain- 2″ to 4″ pipe size, cast iron dome, no-hub


  • The roof drain flange is 8-3/8 inches. This is the top of the roof drain.
  • The pipe outlet sizes that are available are from 2″ to 4″. This dimension applies to the inside pipe diameter.
  • The pipe connection options are: no-hub, threaded and caulked.
  • Includes a cast iron membrane clamp and dome
  • Zurn ZC 125 roof drain spec sheet

This page addresses the Zurn ZC125 roof drain in the bottom outlet version only with a no-hub connection. Your purchase will be in this configuration.

This versatile roof drain has numerous variations and optional materials such as metal options in aluminum, brass and stainless steel.  See the spec sheet to download and review. Please call or email to order a different configuration. 

They are intended to be used on residential and light commercial projects.  

For a more comprehensive understanding of the installation process, try these two resources:

How To Install A Roof Drain

You Tube channel  Roof Drain Pans Co.



READ THIS. Get a better understanding of roof drain tech. Positive roof drainage


See how to install a roof drain

While this video shows a large roof drain in the bottom outlet, no-hub configuration, the same basic procedure applies to a smaller roof drain. It was installed using a sump pan which was intended to lower the roof drain on a wood framed commercial building.  Other pan options are available from the manufacturer.

Sump your roof drain and prevent standing rainwater. Look here

The model SSP roof drain sump pan accepts this Zurn roof drain and is installed between joists that are 16″ on center minimum.



Pipe Size

2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch


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