Zurn ZC100 Roof Drain



  • 15.00″ flange diameter, pipe sizes from 2″ to 10″
  • connection types are:  no-hub, threaded (IP), Neo lock (NL) and inside caulk (IC) joints.
  • This website offers no-hub connection at this time. Call for a quote on the other connection types and sizes.
  • Cast iron gravel guard, cast iron membrane clamp (flashing ring), corrosion resistant Duco coating, cast iron dome or leaf grate
  • The roof drain pan options include a sump pan, Top-Set® deck plate or sump receiver with underdeck clamp.


  • We use double wall (strength) boxes with a weight capacity to 90 lbs.
  • We ship to the Continental USA, including Alaska and Hawaii
  • International shipping to Canada
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Zurn ZC100 Roof Drain

Use the Zurn ZC100 roof drain model for large roof surfaces such as commercial, industrial and institutional applications

The large Zurn ZC100 roof drain bowl, 15″ in diameter, is designed to draw large quantities of rainwater into it and rapidly convey it from the roof surface.  When combined with the correct pipe and fitting size that serves the square footage, it becomes highly effective in accomplishing this task.

Standing rainwater on the flat roof showing roof damage
Model LSP superior grade roof drain sump pan-standard showing a sumped 15" flat roof drain


See how to install the J.R. Smith 1010 roof drain. While the video shows a Zurn roof drain, the Smith roof drain is installed in the same manner.

Roof Drain Pan Options

Here are the roof drain pan options for this roof drain

Roof drain sump receiver

1) The Sump Receiver

The sump receiver is a flat plate that “receives” and supports the Zurn roof drain – Z100. There is no lowered section ( sump) and so puts the drain at or above deck height. Make sure that your roof covering is thick enough to leave the roof drain lower than the roof otherwise you will have pools of standing rainwater. The receiver requires an underdeck clamp to anchor it to the roof structure.

zurn z100 Top set deck plate

2) Top-Set® deck plate

This deck plate also receives and supports the roof drain. It is recessed but still leaves the roof drain at deck height. You should have a thick enough roof so that the roof drain sits lower than the roof once the membrane clamp has been installed. The roof drain must be lower than the roof to avoid standing rainwater.

An excellent feature is that the roof drain is bolted to the pan and the pan is screwed directly into the roof joists thereby eliminating the need for an underdeck clamp

Model LSP roof drain sump pan is designed to lower or sump a 15" cast Iron roof drain

3) Roof Drain Sump Pan

The sump pan lowers the roof drain 2-1/5″ below the roof level so that the thickness of the roof covering isn’t a factor. It will make your roof drain lower than the roof and is designed to prevent standing rainwater.

The roof drain sump pan requires no underdeck clamp and is likewise secured as the deck plate. The video below shows this procedure. This product is an aftermarket accessory and is not manufactured by Zurn Industries.

Pipe Size

2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch


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