Zurn Z100-89 Roof Drain


The Zurn Z100-89 Overflow Roof Drain has:

  • A 15″ diameter bowl, 2″ high water dam. 2″ – 10″ pipe size with a no-hub connection, protective gravel stop/membrane clamp, corrosion resistant Duco coating, 6″ cast iron dome.  All components are 100% cast iron.
  • Add foam padding to your order and get 100% guarantee against shipping damage. See below
  • The Zurn Z100-89 Overflow Roof Drain detail
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Zurn Z100-89 Roof Drain

The Zurn ZC100-89 overflow roof drain is a high quality cast iron roof drain that is installed as a “backup” to the main roof drain. 

The overflow roof drain will go into service if the primary or main roof drain become blocked with debris. This “failsafe” mechanism can prevent rainwater from ponding on the flat roof. It can literally prevent the flat roof from collapsing under the stress caused by the excessive load of standing rainwater. It is a plumbing code requirement for this reason.     


See how to install a roof drain, whether the main or the overflow roof drain.

Pipe Size

2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch


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