J.R. Smith 110 Roof Drain + Sump Receiver

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This economical roof drain and pan is used on residential and light commercial projects


  1. This roof drain configuration should be used where the existing or new roof covering is at least 1″ thick.  Since the pan does not lower or “sump” the roof drain, the surrounding roof must have adequate thickness in order to provide the slope, at least 1″
  2. On insulated roofs, sloped insulation can be added to the pan., thereby creating the “positive flow” that is so vital for excellent flat roof drainage 
  3. Lead sheeting can be added for an additional layer of protection
  4. CUSTOM FABRICATION: The pans can be fabricated from various metal thicknesses and types such as stainless steel, galvanized steel and aluminum
  5. The pan flange can be trimmed to accommodate your unique job requirements 
Jay R. Smith 110 roof drain

J.R. Smith 110 roof drain benefits

  • This is one of the most economically priced roof drains on the market.  It’s small size allows it to be used in smaller spaces if necessary and is at home on residential and light commercial applications. 
  • It is backed by a nationally known manufacturer, Jay R. Smith Co. 

The benefits of using a roof drain pan with your roof drain installation: 

  1. The wide metal drain pan provides plenty of surface area for the roof membrane to adhere to. This is vital to prevent future roof leaks. 
  2.  It provides a stable base for the roof drain to be securely anchored to the roof.  Failure to properly anchor the roof drain is guaranteed to cause leaks which can lead to a variety of unwanted conditions.
  3. This drain/pan configuration is compatible with tapered insulation roofs. Tapered insulation can be added to the pan allowing for a perfect transition from roof level into the roof drain.
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